Advanced Security Deployments

Can your organization utilize the security features included in Microsoft licensing to reduce costs and optimize productivity?  Patriot can help, and offers two customizable options

Start with a complimentary 60 minute roadmap session where we will review all of the M365 security features available to you.

Determine what security features you are interested in deploying with our security experts.
Deploy advanced security technology in your organization with one of our architects using a proven project methodology that focuses on deep knowledge transfer combined with best practices to ensure your environment is using all options available to them in the fight against ransomware, phishing and smishing.
See below for included features:

SecureShield 365 Advanced Security Deployments

As part of your SecureShield 365 contract, we can deploy any of the below Microsoft 365 Security Features

Office 365 E3 & E5 feature sets

a woman is implementing office 365 features
Exchange Online Protection (EOP)
Office 365 Message Encryption (OME)
Office 365 Retention Policies
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

EMS E3/E5 feature sets

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Conditional Access policies
On-premises Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Self-Service password reset (SSPR)
Password Protection and Banned password list Azure AD Proxy
Intune Envisioning and Discovery – UEM/MDM/Autopilot
Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) (AKA Azure Information Protection (AIP))

Windows 10 E5 feature sets

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (Formerly known as MDATP)

Non-License related feature sets

a woman is implementing office 365 features
Sender Policy Framework / DomainKeys Identified Mail / Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance (SPF/DKIM/DMARC)
Windows 365

Office 365 E5 feature sets

The team provides security recommendations to have the best cybersecurity solutions for their clients.
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (formerly known as Office 365 ATP)
Attack Simulator
Security Awareness Training
Advanced Audit
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Microsoft Teams
Man is making weekly cybersecurity checks for clients.
Weekly Security Checks
Weekly Security Health Checks, performed by a Microsoft Certified Security Expert. Patriot will provide a deliverable each week containing any incidents that require attention or action."

EMS E5 feature sets

a woman is implementing office 365 features
Azure Active Directory Identity Protection
Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
Self-Service password reset (SSPR)
Microsoft Defender for Identity (formerly known as Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Azure ATP)
Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)

M365 E5, M365 Compliance, or M365 Information Protection and Governance

a woman is implementing office 365 features
Endpoint DLP for Windows 10

Consolidation without compromise

Popular Technologies Include:
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Office
Azure Information Protection
Microsoft Cloud App Security
Conditional Access
Password Protection and Banned Password List
Intune health Check
Data Loss Prevention
Local Admin Password Solution

Securely deploy Microsoft 365 technology, reduce 3rd party costs, and improve your security posture.

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