Brett, a TLM alumni and now TLM's Platform Systems Engineer, working hard to plan for 2023 at the offsite meeting.

Brett served 24 years in a prison facility, where he became a lifelong learner. In pursuit of furthering his education, he was accepted into The Last Mile program at Putnamville Correctional Facility, which taught him cutting-edge technology skills in full stack web development. Upon returning home, Brett became interested in cybersecurity and sought out resources to better educate himself. This search led him to a podcast called Cybersecurity 101 with Joe and Larry. After making a connection with Joe Stocker, co-host of the podcast, Brett was invited as a guest on their show. Since learning more about The Last Mile, Joe has been a loyal supporter of its mission. Additionally, Joe and Brett have continued to maintain a professional relationship and personal friendship to this day.


The Last Mile provides opportunities for personal and professional growth for justice-involved individuals through education and technology training. We couldn’t accomplish our mission without generous donations from people like you. Your support is changing the lives of justice-impacted people in men's, women's, and youth facilities across the country who are now being given an opportunity through the power of education.

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Your donation today can support:

Educational materials
Technology equipment
Job readiness preparation
Emergency housing
Professional attire
Transportation to work office
Scholarships for continuing education
A TLM Web Development student presenting a project from their coursework at San Quentin State Prison.

Partnerships with The Last Mile help Pave the Road to Success after a program participant has been released. Securing meaningful employment with qualified technical skills learned within the program is made possible by the partnership of innovative, progressive companies who believe in the power of fair chance hiring. Take a look at our Partnerships Guide for more information on ways to partner with The Last Mile and fill out a form on our website if you’d like to learn more and get involved.


For more information about The Last Mile's programs, we encourage you to explore our 2021 Annual Report and TLM Fact Sheet.


If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to donate to The Last Mile, please reach out to [email protected]

Two students collaborating on code for their coursework in the TLM classroom.

When little Ainsley entered the world in 2003, it changed the lives of Kim and Lori Rossiter forever. Kim, now a retired Marine Corps Major, recalls that his daughter was always full of joy. “She had a permanent sense of happiness about her,” he said.


In 2006, doctors conducted a series of tests after Ainsley failed to meet expected developmental milestones. Based on the test results, they diagnosed Ainsley with infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy, an extremely rare terminal illness that slowly causes global paralysis.


Despite the shock, denial, and sadness, the Rossiter family decided to celebrate every day with Ainsley. And they wanted to go even further. They wanted to share Ainsley’s joy with everyone they met.


In 2008, Ainsley’s physical therapist told the Rossiters about a running group that had just formed in support of Rick Hoyt, who was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. Kim was excited to join. When Ainsley went for her first jog in her customized chair during a local road race, she gave a radiant smile that anyone would envy.


“Her face just lit up like the sun,” said Kim. “I wasn’t a runner. But I was about to become one for my daughter.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the work that the team at Patriot Consulting has done for us, and we highly recommend their services to other organizations with similar needs. They will do everything to ensure that you’re successful, your goals are met, and you get precisely what you wanted.”

Joe Orth, Executive Vice President of Ainsley’s Angels of America

Running soon became a therapeutic way to help the Rossiter family cope with Ainsley’s condition. The powerful experience eventually propelled the Rossiters to bring together the necessary equipment and resources to pair runners with riders. That was the beginning of Ainsley’s Angels of America.


Since 2011, Ainsley’s Angels has grown to support more than thirtyfive thousand disabled runners through races, marathons, and community gatherings.


Though Ainsley passed away in 2016, the organization is transforming populations in hundreds of communities across the nation with nearly seventy locations across thirty states.


“It’s all about inclusion—even beyond running,” said Joe Orth, Executive Vice President of Ainsley’s Angels. “We believe everyone should be included in all aspects of life. Our goal is to continue our work while creating and supporting all-inclusive communities across the nation.”

To further its mission, Ainsley’s Angels came to Patriot Consulting for help.


“We needed to migrate from Google’s G-Suite to Microsoft 365, which was a big transformation for us and how we operate,” said Joe Orth. “A significant reason for the shift was that we wanted to create a customer relationship management system. We were told that it would be best if we were on the Microsoft platform, and Patriot Consulting was the firm to get us there.”


Patriot Consulting focuses exclusively on securing Microsoft 365 installations. However, the purpose behind Ainsley’s Angels’s need was so inspiring that the Patriot Consulting team volunteered to provide pro bono consulting to migrate them to M365.


Today, Ainsley’s Angels operates on Microsoft 365, which is secured by Patriot Consulting’s SecureShield 365 Managed Services. This highly secure platform enables Ainsley’s Angels to conduct a more professional and efficient outreach program that helps connect the organization with a growing number of supporters.